Denilson Jair

Gender Male
Birth Date Oct 14, 2003
Age 16 years old
Sponsorship Type
Attends Program
Nueva Esperanza
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Hello dearest sponsor!  I hope that you are in good health and blessed by God.  I want to tell you that I live with my parents.  My father works as a delivery person and my mother works with my grandmother selling underwear or something of this type.  The business belongs to my grandmother.  Thanks to God, all of us are in good health.  I have only attended the clinic at the feeding program a little bit, but it is a big blessing.  At home, I help to do the cleaning and I do my homework.  They give me a lot of homework.  I am doing well in school and the class that I like most is Plastic Arts.  My favorite color is bright green.  When my classmates and I go to P.E., we play soccer and have a great time.  I like to run, and I play soccer on Sundays on a field called “Camp de Marte”.  My dream is to study for a degree in auto mechanics because I like cars mostly the engines.  I would also like to be a professional soccer player.  We do not attend church, but when I go to the feeding program, I am learning that I should obey my parents and have good values.  It was a pleasure to tell you about my life.  I say goodbye to you hoping to know you one day. 

Blessings and much love,

Denilson Jair Escobar Gomez

Translated by: Edwina Lyons/AAC Missionary

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