Gender Female
Birth Date Jan 02, 2009
Age 11 years old
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My name is Sueda Torra. I am an eleven years old girl and my birthday is on January 2nd. I am in good health. I started to attend the fifth grade at school on September and enjoy learning. During this year for the first time we are going to take our subjects from different teachers. My parents have already provided to me the school books and other supplies needed. My favorite subject at school is Math. School and the feeding programme are far from Low Rodokal where I live and I need to walk for a full hour to get there. I always walk together with my friends so I don’t have to walk all this distance alone. My favorite color is orange and my favorite game to play is volleyball. My future desire is to be a dentist.  I started to attend the feeding programme of Rodokal twice a week, every Monday and Thursday. I attend the programme together with my other school friends after we finish school for the day. I enjoy the meals that the cooks serve to us at the feeding centre and frequent in the Bible classes to learn about the Lord Jesus.

My family and I live in Low Rodokal in a simple home that offers appropriated living conditions. I have a sister whose name is Rebiona. She is seven years old.  We study our school books together and I help her especially with the school homework. My father’s name is Erion and mother’s name is Zamira. My father is working in emigration and this way he provides for our living. My mother is doing the housekeeping and also works in our garden. My parents, same as all the people who live in this rural area own land and plant wheat, corn, beans and other vegetables for consumption. The work is done by hand and the products gained are very little. My mother during this season is preserving vegetables as tomatoes or peppers so we can have stored food for the winter. She is also making jam or composts out of plums and apples. My father is working in emigration and this way he can provide well for us what we need the most for the living.  

Translated by Martin Rucolli

Adopt a Child, Albania

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