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Birth Date Mar 07, 2010
Age 9 years old
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My name is Renato Jolla. I am a 9 years old boy and my birthday is on March 7th. I am doing well and enjoy good health. I I live in Low Rodokal and this area is about an hour far from where school and the feeding programme centre is. I started the fourth grade of school on September, just recently. I was happy to meet with my friends and my teachers that I hadn’t seen during the summer. I have spent the summer at home, playing football. We also like to play hide and seek and other different games that we choose when we all gather to play. Usually we like to play in the roads close to our homes. My hobby is riding cars and when I grow up I want to be a driver. My favorite subject at school is Language. I find Math to be hard to learn. I started to attend the feeding programme at Rodokal. I will attend the programme regularly after school finishes because when I return from school I can frequent it together with my friends. I like to enjoy the meals there and attend the Bible classes.

I have four persons containing my family. My father’s name is Arjan and mother’s name is Liljana. I have a sister whose name is Alisja. She is seven years old. She has health problems and can’t speak or hear. Most of the time she stays home, but my parents are also bringing her to attend the kindergarten, just to have fellowship with other children as well as color or draw. My parents work in the land and keep a cow to provide food for the family. My father during this year planted wheat and oat. We use much flour because my mother makes the bread at home. Oat is used as stock food for the cow. My mother is also planting vegetables. She is at present collecting peppers, tomatoes and cabbages and is preserving these products so we can have stored food for the season of winter. Usually she also plant beans as we use them a lot in our meals. My mother cares for the cow and feeds it daily. We profit milk, butter and other products. My parents sell the calf every year and this way they increase the income to our family. During this season, my parents are also collecting fruits from the trees as apples or plums and my mother composts them in jars. She makes composts or jam from the fruits. Same as all families who live near me we face hardships of any kind and my parents are not able to provide all that we need for living. The land doesn’t give much product.

Translated by Martin Rucolli

Adopt a Child. Albania


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