Kenneth Joshua

Gender Male
Birth Date Sep 09, 2004
Age 15 years old
Sponsorship Type
Attends Program
Nueva Esperanza
Program Country


Dear Padrinos,

Hello Padrinos! It is a pleasure to send you many greetings. I am so happy to know that you are my sponsors; I am attending faithfully to the feeding program and it is a blessing for me and my family, and now you too. I want to tell you that I live in my grandmother’s house with my parents and my brother, Elias. He is five years old and also attends the feeding program. My father works as a salesman in a clothing store and my mother works selling shaved ice with fruit flavor and french fries with chicken in order to help my father with the income, but we know that God has never left us alone and has always helped us to go ahead. I am so proud of my parents.

Thanks to God, my whole family is in good health. Only my grandmother got sick and suffers from diabetes and she has been to the hospital for some days but she is much better. We were so worried about her health. I am twelve years old and I was attending sixth grade this year and I did my best effort in my subjects. I have had good scores and I was first place in my classroom. I would like to continue my studies and to have a professional career as a graphic designer. For now, I do not work; I only help my mother with some chores at home so that she has time to rest a little.

Some time ago, my parents and my brother went to Irtra Petapa and we had an awesome day, because were pools and mechanical games and we enjoyed time as a family. I enjoy playing football with my friends and my brother. I like playing the trumpet; I still go to the municipal school to improve my skills with the trumpet, also, I am in a praise group. I am attending Church and I learned that God is faithful with us. I am attending the feeding program and I am really thankful for you because I can have medical attention in the clinics and also, I learn many important things for my life in the bible classes. I want to meet you someday and I hope to know more about you. I say good bye to you for now, I pray God multiplies back to you all you have done for me!

Many blessings

Your sponsor child 

Kenneth Joshua Diaz Monroy


Translated by: Violeta Perez / AAC Secretary


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