Maria Odilia Gomez Lopez
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About Me
My name is Maria Odilia Gomez Lopez. I'm a 56-year-old.

My birthday is
July 14, 1965.
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My Story

Hello, my name is Maria Odilia Gomez Lopez and I was born on July 14th, 1965. I am currently 56 years old and I live in Colonia La Gallera, Jocotenango. I have been a single mother since my children were little. I have one son and one daughter with whom I live. I do not work, I just dedicate my time taking care of my grandchildren. My daughter and I make typical snacks for selling. She gives me Q10.00 = $ 1.33 every day for food. On the other side, my son works as a mason´s helper to help also with the incomes. However, he does not have a stable job so they sustain their family with my daughter-in-law’s salary since she is a firewoman. I have Q20.00 = $2.67 every day to feed everybody at home.

We rented a humble house made of adobe walls, tin sheet roof and a cemented floor. There are 2 rooms including the kitchen, running water and electricity. Mrs. Amalia, who is the owner of the house, pays the running water service. Meanwhile, we have to pay for the electricity. The monthly rent is Q600.00 (a little less than $80), so my son gives me Q300 and I should have the rest. We only have a dog and a cat at home. About my health, I have diabetes and high blood pressure. Fortunately, I am under treatment in the local health center every month. As a family, we have many needs but the main one is groceries. By the moment, we are not attending any Church but we thank God for His love and Mercy.

Maria Odilia Gomez Lopez

Translated by: Mireya de Sandoval / AAC Secretary