Mayra Estela Meletz Tzoy
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My name is Mayra Estela Meletz Tzoy. I'm a 16-year-old.

My birthday is
December 1, 2007.
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My Story

I greet you in Jesus’ name hoping you find my letter interesting. I am Mayra, and I want to start by expressing to you my gratitude for your support received through Living Water; this Ministry and you are very important to me. We are a family who believes in God, and we are assured of our Salvation. We continue being Liberty Church members, and we attend Sunday’s service. We are a humble family, and our frequent needs are groceries, clothes, and soap. My parents are healthy, and their names are Santiago and Maria Isabel. My father is 37 years old, and he works as a day laborer and goes to clean coffee plantations at the coast for two months. My mother is 36 years old, and she works hard at home. We do not have a piece of land to sow crops, but we raise hens for selling and improving the income.

My full name is Mayra Estela Meletz Tzoy, and I am 15 years old. I like eating cake or receiving a present on my birthday. I want to learn to embroider typical napkins and blouses, and it would be nice to learn English language. Pepsi and Coca-Cola are my favorite beverages, and I prefer football as a sport. I really enjoy celebrating Holy Week because we eat traditional bread with honey. I am in good health, and I keep busy doing the household chores; I sometimes work as a maid. Well, I close my letter wishing you the best and praying for you.

With much love

Mayra Estela Meletz Tzoy

Translated by: Loyda de Osorio/A-A-C Secretary, Antigua Guatemala