Gender Female
Birth Date Oct 13, 2016
Age 3 years old
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My name is Klavia Balla. My birthday is on October 13th and at present I am a 3 year old girl. I am doing well and enjoying good health. I am attending the kindergarten at present and enjoy playing with my new friends I have there and learning to read and count. I spend four hours in the kindergarten under the care of my teacher that I love very much. I desire to be a teacher when I grow up. I spend my free time playing outside with my friends or cousins who live close to my home. We all like to run and chase each other, play hide and seek as well as by using a ball or using our few dolls. I have an older sister whose name is Erigesa. She is seven years old and attends the first grade at school. We play get along well and play together with our dolls or draw during the evenings.

I live in Kotodesh in a simple home that has three rooms. Our family contains four persons. I have my father, Erjon, mother, Migena and my older sister Erigesa. Same as all families who live in Kotodesh, my father and mother own land but they decided not to plant it for this year. My parents decided to keep no animals due to not being able to provide the stock food needed. My father has managed to cover the costs of the family by emigration income. He is working in Macedonia and his job as construction worker is paid well. He is able to work there for three months and after this period of time he returns home and goes again after six months. The welfare of my family is considered as not too poor, compared to other families in the village, but same as all who live in the village, we go through hardships of any kind.  I attend the feeding programme regularly. During the time I am there, I enjoy the meals first and afterwards frequent the Bible classes. After the Bible classes we have a time to play at the feeding centre. A free dental care is also provided to me at the dental clinic.

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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