Tifani Guadalupe Ruiz Morente
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My name is Tifani Guadalupe Ruiz Morente. I'm a 7-year-old.

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August 14, 2016.
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Tunaja is a small area of the state of Quiché, Guatemala. The inhabitants are Quiché Mayans who trace their ancestral roots to the ancient Mayan civilization. The prevalent language is the Mayani dialect - Quiché. The people are either farmers or shepherds and live off the fruits of their labors. Very little money ever changes hands as they use a barter system. Public education is available - however, most families cannot afford it. Electricity and running water are not available in most of the area. Life in Tunaja is difficult.

Hello! This is Tifani Guadalupe, and I am a healthy child. I turned 7 years old on August 14. I was born in Joyabaj, Quiche in 2016. My parents´ names are Ludy Isabec Ruiz Morente and Juan Pablo Jimon. I am not legally recognized by my father because he was working when I was born. For that reason, my siblings and I have different last names. He has not been able to arrange that until now. He is living with us and making a living by farming the land. My mom lives with us and dedicates her time to taking care of the house and us.

This year, I attend the first grade at school and I am not repeating. I like playing with dolls. I like cats and the color purple. I enjoy eating beans with sausages. I have one brother and one sister. I like attending the feeding program, and it is 5 minutes away by bus from my house. My mother usually takes me to the program. I feel sad to say that we are not members of any church. However, I hope that my parents take the decision to attend someday.

My neighbor loans us a house to live in because my parents do not own one. Thankfully, we do not pay any rent. The house is made of adobe, tile roof and cemented floor. It has two rooms and a separate kitchen. My grandmother also lives there with us. There is electricity and running water. My father pays for those services monthly and annually. We have domestic animals such as a dog and chickens. Our family has many needs but the main one is food. Lastly, I want you to know that my mother gave all this information to the LW teacher, so you can know me better. I appreciate that you took the time read it. I send you my love and best wishes for you and your family.

Best regards from now on,

Tifani Guadalupe Ruiz Morente

Translated by: Mireya de Sadoval, AAC Secretary / Antigua