Noel Sulollari
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About Me
My name is Noel Sulollari. I'm a 3-year-old.

My birthday is
October 31, 2017.
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Upper Mokra

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My Story

Hello! My name is Noel Sulollari. I am a 3 year old boy and my birthday is on October 31st.  I am doing well and enjoy good health. My favorite color is blue. I started to attend the kindergarten on September this year and I was very happy to get to know with many other new friends so that I can spend time to play with them with the toys that the kindergarten has got. Our teacher cares for us and she is also learning to us songs and poems by hearts. After I finish the kindergarten, at lunch time, I return home and get together with my friends or cousins who live near my home to play. We don’t spend a lot of time to play outside now that the winter is present and the temperatures are very low, but we still are able to play hide and seek, run to catch one another or play other simple games in front of our homes when the weather is sunny. When I am inside my home, I like to draw and color and watch for a short while cartoons on the tv. In our home we have only one warm room where we all gather to stay. My mother lights the fire and she cooks using the fire-wood stove.   My family and I live in Dunica. My village is located in Upper Mokra. The infrastructure is totally missing and the road of our village is in really bad conditions, filled with mud and with many holes that get filled with water during the fall. My father’s name is Aranit and my mother’s name is Nertila.  I have a 13 years old sister whose name is Xhesika. She is also registered in the programme. Same as all the households who live in Dunica, my parents own land and deal with raising animals. This way, they are considered as self employed from the government. My parents plant crops and vegetables as well as alfalfa and oat which is food provision for the animals. My parents have made sure that by autumn, we have enough flour provided because my mother bakes the bread at home. We also have got beans and anions as well as some other vegetables like tomatoes, cabbages and peppers preserved in jars to consume during the winter. Around our land we have got also fruit trees and my mother has made jam or composts from apples, pears, grapes, nuts, etc. My parents care for a cow and we benefit milk and other sub products to consume daily. My father sells its calf and we earn a bit more of income to be used for other needs in the family. My father has also got a horse and he is collecting wood in the mountain recently. The price of the wood is high and we can’t offer to buy the wood we need to burn during the winter.  The land is less productive and whatever we gain from the animals is less profitable therefore the government is also giving to my family a small amount considered as assistance. This assistance is given to the poor families and all of us who live in Dunica being poor receive it.  I attend the program in Dunca, but not recently, because of the pandemic. We gather to the house we meet for Bible studies and children’s meetings and I go there with my sister and my other friends. The teenagers gather for a Bible study and in a special day, the man and ladies gather in their Bible study meeting. Because of the pandemic, I go to the programme only once a month and there I have been blessed with a package with groceries. This package contains sugar, oil, rice, flour as well as washing detergents. Same as all the people who live in Dunica my family and I live in poverty and we are thankful to the Adopt a Child sponsorship programme for the help and support to us. God bless you!

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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