Gender Male
Birth Date Feb 27, 2016
Age 4 years old
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Hello! My name is Gersi Kllogjri. I am a 4 years old boy and my birthday is on February 27th. I am doing well and enjoy good health. My family and I live in Katjel. I attend the kindergarten, but not at present because of the restriction lockdown rules. My favorite color is blu. This color dominates in my colorings and especially in the clothes I wear. The kindergarten is closed since March 9th and from that time, I am staying isolated inside my home. I miss my kindergarten teacher and friends. I also miss playing with the toys we have got there. During these pandemic days, we can get out of our homes for two hours every day and I am very happy to spend this time to meet and play with my cousins and friends who live near my home. I like to use this time running around my garden especially during these days that the weather is nice and sunny.  My family and I live in a Katjel. Our house contains two bedrooms and a living room including the kitchen. It doesn’t offer to us appropriated living conditions because we are a big family. I have ten persons containing my family. My father’s name is Astrit and mother’s name is Enverie. I have two older sisters. Their names are Esmeralda. 10 years old and Pranvera 8 years old. They are both in school and are taking the lessons online due to the pandemic lockdown. The other members in my family are my grandfather, grandmother, my uncle and my aunt together with her son. My aunt lives in my family after she had a divorce. She has no income and my parents care for her and her child, supplying their living needs. My father, grandfather and my uncle emigrates and work in Greece for six months. They are hired in agriculture. They provide what we need the most to make the living through emigration, yet our needs are still too many. Same as all people in the village of Katjel, my family owns land. My mother plants a vegetable garden. We are able to provide and use for consumption tomatoes, peppers, beans, anions and other vegetables. We have in our garden a few apple and plum trees. My family has planted wheat in a portion of our land. My mother, my aunt or grandmother bake the bread at home and we provide all the flour that is needed out of our land. My family keeps a cow and raising it we are able to supply our needs for milk, butter and other products gained. Once a year, my father sells its calf and we earn a bit more of income. The welfare of my family is too weak even that we have family members bringing income through emigration. The update team has visited the family to deliver the food package of this month belonging to Gersi and provided from the feeding programme. The team shared a few scriptures with the grandmother, explaining to her about God’s love and His grace given to us through Jesus. This teaching was well received from the grandmother.

Translated by Martin Rucolli

Adopt a Child, Albania

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