Gender Male
Birth Date Feb 27, 2016
Age 3 years old
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Hello! My name is Gersi Kllogjri. I am a 3 year old boy and my birthday is on February 27th.  I am doing well and enjoy good health. I started to attend the kindergarten this year on September. There I got to know new friends and my kindergarten teacher who cares for us from morning till midday. We learn poems by heart, sing songs, play games and have a few toys that we all share. I also like to color and my favorite color is red. My older sisters come to take me at midday from the kindergarten and I spend the rest of the day playing with my friends who live near my home. I can’t stay for too long outside because it is cold. My favorite game to play is football, even that I am a little child. My future dream is to be a football player and represent the team of my country. I attend the feeding programme at Katjel on Tuesdays and Fridays. There I enjoy the food cooked and served to us. I like the pasta with sausages as well as chicken. I also go to the Bible classes and spend there a while learning about the Lord and singing songs with moves to praise Him. At the end of the Bible lesson, we spend a while playing different games or drawing. Once a year, I benefit a free dental care from the dentist offered at the dental clinic of our programme.

I live in Katjel. My home contains two bedrooms and a living rooms which includes a cooking area. I have eight persons in my family. My father’s name is Astrit and my mother’s name is Enverije. I have two sisters. Esmeralda is ten years old and Pranvera is seven. They are both attending the school in our village and are also frequenting the programme. Both of them care for me while I attend the programme. My grandmother, grandfather and my uncle live also in our house and are part of our family. My parents are both invalids. The government is giving to them an invalid pension and through this amount they try to cover the expenses for living. My grandfather and my uncle are working in Greece for six months in agriculture and are bringing a bit income to our big family to at least cover all needed as far as in food and clothes. My grandmother is challenged to work hard by herself in the fields during the time the men are emigrating. During this year she planted alfalfa and corn. These products are used as stock food for the cow. My parents and grandmother are feeding the cow during the day. Through the cow they profit milk, butter, cheese etc for daily consumption. The welfare of my family is poor. Our disabled parents can’t support to raise us with their invalid pensions and the grandparents and uncle can’t always be there to help.

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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