Noe Moises

Gender Male
Birth Date Sep 23, 2009
Age 10 years old
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Dear Sponsor,

Hello! I hope you are in good health. I am Noe Moises Obregon Sul and I send many greetings for your family and you. I want to tell you a little about my family. My father is a very hard-working man and he comes out early every day in order to bring food to our home. My mother takes care of all of us and goes to pick coffee beans. My three siblings are studying in the afternoon. Thank God, we are all in good health. I study in the mornings from Monday to Friday and my favorite subject is mathematics because I like numbers. I want to be better day by day so that I can be an engineer when I am older. I want to build houses and be able to help my family financially.

Last year, we went to a beach called Sipacate because there were baptisms.  My brother Jonathan Alexis was baptized that day. We traveled with the church’s brethren. We were all very happy, and I played with all the church’s children on the seashore. It was a very special day for me.  We grilled meat, and we ate all together. I tell you I like the sports like football, basketball and riding bicycles. I also love sharing time with my classmates. We attend Prince of Peace Church on all the days that there are services. I learn about the Bible and God’s servants in Sunday school. I always pray to God for my family so that we can face the problems when they come in our lives. Please, pray for us. My father works as a mason in Antigua Guatemala. My mother picks coffee beans during the harvest season, then she dedicates her time to working hard at home. We are all in good health. I do not work due to my age, but I help to make my bed. At the middle of the last year, my father broke one of his feet due to an accident he had at his work. It was a difficult time for us, but my mother worked doing the cleaning in a house in order to cover our needs. I say goodbye to you for now.

With much love

Noe Moises Obregon Sul

Translated by: Loyda Gonzalez de Osorio/AAC Secretary

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