Gender Female
Birth Date Oct 22, 2016
Age 3 years old
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My name is Ajsel Biba. I am a 3 years old girl and my birthday is on October 22nd. I am attending the kindergarten with the smallest children. I started to attend for the first time on September and this was new to me. I got to know my new teacher and friends there and of course I had to be used to share the dolls and toys with them. When I am inside my home, I always love to play with dolls. I like to dress them as well as fix their hair so they look clean and nice, like princesses. I play for a little while outside during the day, after I return from the kindergarten but now the weather is not as good. My future dream is to be a doctor when I grow up. I started to attend the feeding programme at Katjel every Tuesday and Friday and my mother cares to bring me to the centre. I enjoy the food and afterwards attend the Bible classes. At the end of the Bible lessons, I also spend a while to play with the friends I have got at the feeding programme. I benefit a free dental care once a year at the feeding programme dental clinic.

My family and I live in Katjel. Our house has three rooms and offers appropriated living conditions to us. I have six persons containing my family who are my father, Elton, mother, Nevrie, my older brother Enoel as well as both my grandparents. My father is working in the village as hired. He is also doing other different jobs here and there, but he is not working full time and what he brings home is very less to cover all that we need. Same as all families in the village, my mother, father and my grandfather are dealing with agriculture. They have planted wheat. My mother makes the bread at home and she also bakes pies filled with vegetables therefore we need to have as much flour as possible provided for the whole year. We have no animals. My grandmother is sick and suffering from diabetes. She receives an invalid pension due to this sickness.  My grandfather is also receiving a retiring pension from his previous job. These pensions are helpful to my whole family. The welfare of my family is not too bad and this is as a result of my father working part time, but we are still lacking many things.  

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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