Yaritza Yamileth Toledo
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My name is Yaritza Yamileth Toledo. I'm a 15-year-old.

My birthday is
January 29, 2009.
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Nueva Esperanza

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My Story

Hello! I greet you cordially hoping you have a blessed day.  I want to share some news about my family and me. My name is Yaritza Yamileth Toledo and I am 14 years old. Thank God, we are attending the “Sheep Following God`s Steps Church” every Wednesday and Sunday. This year I am in 7th grade at school. I am receiving face-to-face classes every day. I love this study method because I can solve my doubts about topics. My mother strives to support my siblings and me at school. Nowadays, school fees are expensive and sometimes it is difficult to cover all expenses due to my mother not having a stable job. In the future, I want to become a teacher. I speak Spanish, but I would like to learn English; I think this is a very interesting language. Christmas is my favorite celebration of the year because I love gifts. I enjoy drinking soft Pepsi-Cola. I want to let you know that for my birthday my mother prepares delicious food and she buys me a delicious cake.  Among sports, I prefer soccer. Thank God my family and I are in good health.

My mother`s name is Maritza Toledo. She is 37 years old. At the moment, she continues cleaning houses for others in order to support us with home expenses due to the absence of my father.  As you know, he passed away. So, she is the only one that supports us financially. As a humble family, our current needs are groceries, school fees, and beds. We are grateful to Living Water because we have been blessed for instance with the meals, medical and dental, and spiritual support. I want to say thank you for the Christmas gifts that I receive at the end of the year. May God bless you and protect you everywhere you are!

Lots of love,

Yaritza Yamileth Toledo

Translated by:  Gladys Chavez/ A-A-C Secretary