Gender Male
Birth Date Feb 13, 2003
Age 16 years old
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Hello! My name is Fabjon Durbaku. I am a 16 years old boy and my birthday is on February 13th. I am doing well and enjoy good health. I attend the second grade of high school and am doing well with the lessons. Every afternoon, I like to spend a few hours to play with my friends whenever the weather is good.  In our village the winters are very cold and at times it snows very much. We gather in the school field of the village to play football. During the evenings my friends and I also like to gather in the centre of the village and spend a while chatting or fellowshipping. I am helping my family for a few hours each day by carrying to feed the cow. We feed it inside the stable close to home with the stock food provided through the wheat or corn previously planted.  I prefer to study my school books during the evenings. I attend the feeding programme at Rodokal on Mondays and Thursdays. There I enjoy the food cooked and served to us. I like the pasta with sausages as well as chicken. I also go to the Bible classes and spend there a while learning about the Lord and singing songs to praise Him. At the end of the Bible lesson, we spend a while fellowshipping as teens or by chance, in good weather we enjoy playing football. Once a year, I benefit a free dental care from the dentist offered at the dental clinic of our programme

My family and I live in Rodokal. In our house we have a bedroom and a living room that includes our kitchen. Our house is old doesn’t offer appropriated living conditions to us. My family contains four persons. My father’s name is Bujar and mother’s name is Fatbardha. I have an older brother whose name is Arsen. He is 20 years old. Arsen has emigrated in Greece and is working there to help us as family and to provide for himself.  My father is emigrating in Greece too for six months every year. He is working there mainly in agriculture. The income he gets from emigration is very useful to a family like ours that lives in the village. My parents own land and they have planted wheat during the past month. They provide all the flour that my mother needs for a whole year so she can make the bread at home. Through the wheat my parents provide the stock food needed for the cow. My mother and I care for the cow and we benefit a few litters of milk to consume daily as well as other products as cheese and butter. Once a year, my father sells its calf and we profit a bit more of income to use to buy other groceries or clothes. My mother has collected and preserved for us vegetables to consume during the winter. We have tomatoes, peppers and other vegetables and of course beans. Pies and beans are our main meals in our family. The welfare of my family compared to other people in the village is better because of emigration income.  

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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