Isabela Garcia de la Cruz
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My name is Isabela Garcia de la Cruz.
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Hello, my name is Isabela Garcia de la Cruz. I do not know my exact age because there was a fire in my house some time ago. I lost personal documents and my things were burned. My family calculates that I am 85 years old. I live in Chuchuca, about a 10-minute walk from the feeding program. I am single and have no children. I do not work due to my advanced age and currently I am living with my brother. He is 75 years old and does not work also. His wife and children are the ones who support the family by raising domestic animals for selling when it is needed. They also grow corn and beans for their consumption.

Thankfully, they own a small humble house made of tin sheet and tile roof, adobe walls with a dirt floor. There is one room and a separated kitchen with running water and electricity that his children help to pay monthly. I sleep on one side of the kitchen and prepare my coffee and food by myself. They have pigs and chickens at home. About my health, I have body pain, stomach ache, and malnutrition. Besides that, I started to lose my hearing. I have many needs such as clothes, groceries and medical care. We are member of the Catholic Church and thank God for His love and Mercy to our lives.

Isabela Garcia de la Cruz

Translated by: Mireya de Sandoval / AAC Secretary