Eno Llapushi
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My name is Eno Llapushi. I'm a 10-year-old.

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July 22, 2012.
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Hello! My name is Eno Llapushi. I am 10 years old and my birthday is on July 22nd. I am doing well and enjoy good health. I have to wear glasses to improve my vision, but I am used to wearing them after so long now. My favorite color is green and my future dream is to become a doctor. I attend the fifth grade at school and my favorite subject I like studying the most is Math. I spend my free time playing with my friends or reading books. I meet to play right after school with my friends and cousins and we play in the roads that are near our homes as we gather in small groups. Now that the winter is coming, we spend many hours inside the house and I like to sit and read my school books or other books that contain histories. I try to help my mother at home and do for her things she asks me to do. I follow her along when she buys groceries and we carry the bags together. I also like to go and collect vegetables or fruits from the trees.

My family and I live in Proptisht. I have six persons in my family and our house offers appropriated living conditions for us. I have in my family my father, mother, my sister who is 8 years old and my grandparents. My sister goes to the same school that I go so during the breaks, we see each other. She is also registered in the programme. We both follow the church activities and the Bible classes and meet there twice during the days of the week. Every six weeks, my sister and I receive from Adopt a Child each a food box which is a blessing to our whole family. My father is jobless and he tries to work in daily bases, as hired from the people who offer for him things to do. He emigrates in Greece and there he is collecting olives for two or three months. We are happy that he can go and work so that he can provide for us, but when he is away, we greatly miss him. We own land in the village and my parents usually plant wheat, corn and alfalfa. We have a cow and my grandparents are looking after it. The food that it needs is provided by what is planted in the land. Cows are beneficial even that they need a lot of effort to look after them. My father sells a calf every year and he benefits income that he uses after to cover our needs for food and clothes. Both my grandparents are retired and receive small pensions from their previous jobs. My parents are mainly covering their living costs because their pension is way too small. We have also a few fruit trees and my mother and grandmother make juice of jam of fruits for consumption. They have already done the canning. My mother plants vegetables on April and we consume them till September. What is left, she cans and we consume them during the winter. We are poor and financially challenged and I am thankful to the Adopt a Child programme for the help and support that I receive, while attend the church of Living Waters Proptisht. God bless you!

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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