Ofelia Mendez Morente
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My name is Ofelia Mendez Morente. I'm a 17-year-old.

My birthday is
July 18, 2005.
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Cuatro Caminos

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It is a blessing for me to update you about my life. My name is Ofelia Mendez Morente, and I am 17 years old. Nowadays, I keep busy helping my mother to do the chores. Some months ago, I went to the city to work in a tortilleria business to help my family with some money. My father works as a farmer to cover the household expenses and gets extra income on the coffee plantation during the harvest season at the coast. On the other hand, my mother works hard doing the chores and raising domestic animals. We spend good moments preparing a delicious lunch and having fun together. Last Christmas, we prepared tamales (this is a typical dish) and bought fruits to prepare a warm fruit punch. My family and I are members of the Full Gospel Church; this is a five-minute walk from my home. Despite the pandemic, our church did not close its doors and kept its services, although they lasted less time than nowadays. My family and I live in our own house made of adobe walls, a tin sheet roof, and a dirt floor. It has two rooms and a separate kitchen.

There is no electricity or running water at home, but we use candles and lanterns at night. Fortunately, we live near a creek and get the water from there with a hose. The house is basically good condition, but we need to fix the ceiling since it is damaged. As you know, this pandemic affected our world so much, although God provided us with what is necessary. Fortunately, we are healthy, but I would like to ask for your prayers because our current necessities are soap, corn, and beans since they are expensive. Our Heavenly Father has always shown us his mercy, and as proof of that, the feeding program is open again. What I missed the most about going there was spending time with my friends and eating delicious lunches because these have been a blessing for my family and me. The program is a 45-minute walk from where my siblings and I live. Finally, let me tell you that my mother gave this information to the evangelism team member to share with you my last news. I leave you now, but I would like to hear from you the next time. Take care of yourself!

Sending you huge hugs,

Ofelia Mendez Morente

Translated by: Hillary Popol, ACC/Guatemala