Alvin Golemi
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My name is Alvin Golemi. I'm a 3-year-old.

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December 5, 2019.
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Hello! My name is Alvin Golemi. I will turn 3 years old on December 5th.  I am doing well and in good health. My favorite color is blue and my future dream is to become a soccer player. I have not started to frequent the kindergarten and spend my day at the house where my mother cares for me. I like to play outside, in front of the house with ball. My parents have bought to me sport outfits and trainers and I kick the ball and practice soccer. I also have toys that I use to play inside the house and like to watch cartoons. My mother makes drawings for me to color and she reads also to me histories or fairy tells from books they have bought for me. I like these books because they contain pictures and illustrations. I like to meet with my friends who live near my house and we play simple games as hide and seek, do run races, etc. I play very close to my house so that my mother can keep an eye on me.

My family and I live in Kotodesh.  I have four members in my family who are my father, mother and my two sisters. My sisters are 11 and 9 years old. They are both frequenting school and they are also registered in the sponsorship programme of Adopt a Child. Each time they frequent the activities, they take me with them so that I can also frequent the Bible classes. My father is emigrating in Greece or Northern Macedonia so that he can work there and provide for us. Sometimes he works for three months and at other times for six months, as hired. The people hire him in agriculture as well as in construction to work for them. We miss him very much when he is not with us, but we are happy that he has a job and provides for us. He is the only one working in the family and my mother is jobless, same as the majority of the ladies in the village. My mother does the housekeeping and afterwards, she works in the vegetable garden that we have close to our house. We live in the village and my parents own land. My parents don’t deal a whole lot with agriculture. Only in a small portion of land they plant vegetables for consumption as peppers, tomatoes, beans, onions, etc. We have also got fruits as apples, plums and grapes. My parents have not decided to keep animals, even that they are beneficial and most of the people in the village keep them. The animals consume a lot of food and it takes lots of effort and time to look after them. The welfare of my family is not poor, but we are living with low income and same as the majority of the people who live in the village, we are financially challenged. I am thankful to the sponsorship programme of Adopt a Child for the packages of food that I receive every six weeks. I am frequenting the activities of the church in Kotodesh and I am learning about the Lord Jesus in the Bible classes that the teachers are doing for us. Besides the church services and Bible classes, the church has other activities as summer camps, celebrations for children and events to join as Christmas and Easter performances. We don’t have in the village other activities besides the activities of the church and I enjoy participating in these activities. God bless you richly for all your care and support to me.

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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