Cristina Angelica Lopez Garcia
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My name is Cristina Angelica Lopez Garcia. I'm a 16-year-old.

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August 13, 2007.
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It is a blessing for me to greet you through this letter. I hope your family and you are healthy. My name is Cristina Angelica Lopez Garcia and I am 14 years old. Currently, I keep busy helping my mother to do the chores at home. I want to tell you that my parents do their best to support our necessities. My father works as a mechanic in his workshop. On the other hand, my mother does the chores, takes care of my siblings, and raises domestic animals for selling when it is necessary. My family and I live in our own house, which is made of wood, tin sheet roof, concrete floor, running water, and electricity. Our home has one room and a separate kitchen. My family and I usually hang out once a week, and we enjoy it so much. Besides that, we spend time watching tv programs together at home. Last Christmas, we prepared “tamales” (a typical dish) and invited our nearest relatives to share and celebrate our Savior’s birth; that was lovely. My family and I are members of the Catholic Church, which is a ten-minute walk, or if you go by car, that takes you four minutes.

My family is glad because my brother Julio and I are members of the church’s chorus. Unfortunately, when Covid-19 spread everywhere, we could not attend church and that made us feel frustrated with all that was happening. Moreover, the situation affected our family in different ways, but God’s love has always been with us. We have been able to go ahead with what my father gets from his business. Living Water had to close because of the disease. Nevertheless, they did not stop working and provided us with grocery bags that helped us a lot. What I missed the most were the tasty lunches because I like them so much. Fortunately, the feeding program is opening again after a long time being closed; this is ten minutes by bus. Lastly, let me tell you that my mother gave this information to an evangelism team member to share with you my last news. I leave you for now, but do not forget that I love you so much. May God bless you for being a good-hearted person!

From the bottom of my heart,

Cristina Angelica Lopez Garcia

Translated by: Hillary Popol, AAC Secretary/Antigua