Jasson Misael Cux Luis
Ref# CC1240

About Me
My name is Jasson Misael Cux Luis. I'm a 12-year-old.

My birthday is
March 24, 2010.
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Cuatro Caminos

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My Story

Hello! I send you many greetings and I hope you are in good health. I want to tell you a little about me. My name is Jasson Misael Cux Luis. I am twelve years old. I have seven siblings. My mother and father live with me. My mother is a hardworking housewife, works with farmers, washes people’s clothes for some money, and raises and sells domestic animals. My father is a farmer and harvests coffee. He does not support the family economically, has a drinking habit, and is not faithful to my mother. To spend time with family we talk in the afternoons and have some fun together. We could not celebrate Christmas last year due to our low resources. I live in a humble home in Cuatro Caminos. My house is located about a 1.5-hour walk from the feeding program. The house belongs to my family; we share the house with my older sister and her family. There are two rooms, and we cook in a galley made of tin sheet and boards. The house is made of adobe and boards, the roof is made of tin sheet and tile, and the floor is made of dirt. We have electricity, but no running water. We obtain water from a natural water source using a hose. The house is in poor condition because the tile on the roof is unstable and has holes. My family is healthy, but my mother is sick. She is going through menopause and has strong symptoms. She has gone to the doctor and is under treatment. Also, one of my brothers is four years old and has a cleft lip. He has already had 2 surgeries, but he needs one more. The pandemic has affected our economy because my siblings and I could no longer go to the coast to work for a while, but we can now. I am in second grade this year again. I have struggled to understand the assignments a lot, which is why I am repeating second grade this year. I do not have internet connection at home or in a cellphone. In my free time, I sometimes help my brothers shine shoes in my village, and I help my mother with the house chores. I attend Liberty Church in Cuatro Caminos which is located 1.5 hours away from where we live. We were very sad when the church closed due to the pandemic because we missed getting together with the congregation. But the church is open now, so it has been good. What I miss most from the feeding center is spending time with my friends and the food. Our greatest need is corn, groceries, and clothes. I end my letter wishing you the best. The evangelism team is speaking to families in Quiche by phone call. They spoke to my mother to receive this information.

Many blessings,

Jasson Misael Cux Luis

Translated by: Kalyan Marroquin / Missionary Intern