Rei Hafesllari
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My name is Rei Hafesllari. I'm a 8-year-old.

My birthday is
February 23, 2013.
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My Story

Hello! My name is Rei Hafesllari. I am 8 years old and my birthday is on February 23rd.  I am doing well and in good health. My favorite color is purple and my future dream is to be doctor. At present I frequent the third grade of school and am doing my maximum to study well. The subject that I like the most in school is Mathematics. Because of the pandemic, we are respecting the distancing and wear masks, but I am happy that we can go to take the lessons physically and don’t have to do school online. After school, usually I get together with my friends to play. It is common for us boys to play football and we play each time the weather is nice and sunny. I have also got a water pistol and during the summer, I played with it and had lots of fun with my friends, while we were going to swim in the lake. I don’t use it now that we are in autumn. I offer to help my parents while I am at home. I like to spend time during the evenings to study my school books and do the homework that the teacher gives to us. Walks during the evenings are tradition in our town and at times my family and I get together to walk by the lake.  

My family and I live in Pogradec. My father’s name is Blerant and my mother’s name is Kimete. I have a brother who is at present three years old. His name is Rigel. Rigel is also registered in the programme and we both started to frequent the church services and Bible classes. My mother comes along with us. She used to frequent the programme of Rodokal herself when she was a child. She was born and raised in Rodokal before she married and moved to Pogradec. My father is working in construction when he gets hired, so he is not working full time to provide a good income for our family. My mother does the housekeeping, cleaning, cooking and other things that need to be done at home. My mother is jobless but she has a lot to in our home as she is carrying for my younger brother Rigel who is only three years old. The welfare of my family remains not good and I am thankful that I have joined the sponsorship programme together with my brother so that we can benefit help and care.  

The Living Water Adopt a Child church in Pogradec has the services on Saturdays. After the time of worship, the children go to the Bible classes and there they are taking Bible lessons from the teachers of our staff. Before the church service, our Pastor is also organizing a special youth meeting where they can fellowship and study the Bible altogether. We have during the week a Bible study for the ladies, on Thursdays. Every six weeks, the children who are frequenting the progarmme receive a food package that is provided from Adopt a Child. The package contains rice, oil, pasta, sugar, etc. Thank you for helping us to care for these children and tell them the Good News about Jesus. God bless you!

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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