Edgar Eliseo Brayan Castro Castro
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My name is Edgar Eliseo Brayan Castro Castro. I'm a 5-year-old.

My birthday is
October 15, 2016.
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My Story

Hello! I am glad to share my information through this letter. My name Edgar Eliseo Brayan, and I am 5 years old. I am not attending school due to my age. For now, I enjoy playing with my cars and stuffed toys. During the time that the feeding program was closed, I missed playing with my friends and the meals they served us. Thank God, the program is open again. I walk for about one hour to arrive at the program. My father is a farmer and strives to supply our home needs. My mother stays busy with the duties at home, and she also raises domestic animals for selling to contribute to the income. Fortunately, we are in good health.

We usually take time to share together in the afternoon, we buy a soda and some snack. My family and I celebrated last Christmas in our church. We attend National Ebenezer Methodist church, and we walk 5 minutes to arrive. Fortunately, our church is having normal services now. We live in our property, we have 2 rooms and a separate kitchen. Both are made of adobe, tin sheet rood and dirt floor. We have running water, but no electricity and we use sunlight. Two of our needs are to put a cement floor in the rooms and kitchen, and groceries. This pandemic came to affect us in the economic area because most of the products increasedin cost. We are so grateful to God and Living Water because they have supported us with food parcels during the pandemic time. The help arrives at us when we need it most; we are so blessed. To finish, let me tell you the LW team called us and asked for this update information, so my father provided it by phone. I hope to hear from you soon. Keep safe. Every blessing for you!

Kisses, hugs and much love,

Edgar Eliseo Brayan Castro Castro

Translated by: Violeta Hernandez / A-A-C Secretary-Antigua