Gerardo Mulul Mendez
Ref# CA1738

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My name is Gerardo Mulul Mendez. I'm a 8-year-old.

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October 23, 2014.
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My Story

I send you warm greetings hoping you are doing well. My name is Gerardo Mulul Mendez, and I am 8 years old. I am in 1st grade this year, and I am receiving classes the whole week. It has been a little difficult for me to study this year. I help with some household chores in my free time. I missed the feeding program’s lunches, so I am very happy now because it opened its doors again. I walk for 30 minutes to arrive to the program. Unfortunately, my father abandoned us last year. Now, my mother is a single parent and has to work hard to cover our needs. She works as a farmer or day laborer, and she sometimes raises and sells hens. When we have money, my mother buys a snack to share it as a family.

We do not have the custom to celebrate Christmas due to our low resources. At the moment, we are not attending a church. We live with my maternal grandmother Manuela Mendez, and we do not pay her any type of rent. The house has one room and a separated kitchen, and it is made of wood with a tin sheet roof and dirt floor; our tin sheets are not in good condition. We have running water but no electricity; we use candles or flashlights at night. We were economically affected by this pandemic. We are a humble family, and currently, we are in need of groceries, food and clothes. I would like to ask you to pray for my mother because she is having headaches; she has not visited a doctor and is not taking medicine for it. I tell you that my mother helped me to give this information to an Evangelism teacher. I hope you like my letter.

Cordially yours

Gerardo Mulul Mendez

Translated by: Loyda de Osorio, AAC Secretary/Antigua