Mario & Rosalina Diaz Azurdia/ Figueroa Felipe
Ref# WDU0017

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My name is Mario & Rosalina Diaz Azurdia/ Figueroa Felipe. I'm a 77-year-old.

My birthday is
July 17, 1943.
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My Story

Hello! My name is Mario Diaz Azurdia and this is my wife Rosalina Figueroa Felipe. I am 77 years old and she is 60 years old. We are elderly people and we live in Dueñas town. My wife and I have three children; one son and two daughters. We are not attending a church now. Thank God, my wife is in good health, but I suffer from uric acid and I am not under a medical treatment due to our low resources. Due to this health problem, I have deformities in my hands and feet and it hinders me to work. None of us works, so we have been surviving thanks to the government aid and the groceries that Living Water has given us. We do not receive economic support from our children because they are of low resources and have to support their own families.

The piece of land where we live belongs to our son, so we do not have to pay rent; his family and he live next to us. Our house consists on one room and the kitchen. It is all made of tin sheets with a dirt floor; our tin sheets are much damaged and they have turned to black color due to the smoke we do when we cook. Our son has provided us the water and electricity services and he is who pays for them. We only have one makeshift bed on some concrete blocks. We have a wardrobe and it is still in good conditions. We have a dog and she is who accompanies us. We are in need of groceries, a bed, clothes and shoes. We live about fifteen minutes away from Dueñas feeding program

Love and blessings

Mario Diaz and Rosalina Figueroa

Translated by: Loyda de Osorio, AAC Secretary/Antigua