Marjo Spahi
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My name is Marjo Spahi. I'm a 13-year-old.

My birthday is
April 5, 2009.
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Upper Mokra

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My Story

Hello! My name is Marjo Spahi. I am 12 years old and my birthday is on April 5th. I am in good health. My favorite color is black and usually I like to dress sport outfits in this color. My future dream is to become an actor and play in movies. I frequent the seventh grade at school in my village and my favorite subject that I enjoy to study is Math. I like to spend my free time to play football with my friends. I get together to play right after school and the rest of my free time, I like to spend watching movies on the TV or playing games online, using the mobile phone of my parents. I do my best to help my parents when they work in the fields, The weather is cold and we have already started to light the fire daily in our house. We all stay in our living room where our wood stove is installed so that we can stay warm and my mother cooks the meals while the fire burns so that we can spend less money in the bills for electricity. I always make sure to bring fire wood inside the house so that we have enough for the whole day.

My family and I live in Dunica, upper Mokra and this village is located among the mountains, far from the town of Pogradec. The road is very bad and not many people go often to the town, only if they really need to. Our house offers appropriated living conditions to us as family. My family has five members. I have my father, mother, grandfather and an older sister. My father’s name is Nardi and mother’s name is Olta. My grandfather lives with us in the same home. My older sister is engaged and when she will get married, she will leave our family. We own land in the village. The land is not very productive because it is not flat and not well flourished. My parents usually plant on our land vegetables as beans, anions, peppers, etc. We have also got plum and apples. My father is emigrating in Greece for three months each year to provide a better income for us. We all miss him when he emigrates, but on the other side, we are thankful that he goes to work and provide for our family. My grandfather is retired and receives a small village pension. My parents buy food with this amount when the income is low. We live with low income and are poor. I am very thankful to the Adopt a Child programme that I am benefiting help and care frequenting it. My favorite Bible story is Adam and Eve. I have learned that they brought sin into the world, but the Lord Jesus has saved us from the sin giving his life for us.

The Living Water Adopt a Child in has rented a home in Dunica and go to this place two days during the week. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the team does Bible studies for the adults as well as Bible classes for children. At present, the children are preparing the Christmas performance and are practicing to sing the Christmas songs and play the drama. Every six weeks the children receive a package that contains food as gift form Adopt a Child. During Christmas they will receive their Christmas Alternative gifts and are going to be blessed even more. Thank you for choosing to care for a child and to be a sponsor. God bless you richly!

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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