Gender Female
Birth Date May 15, 2016
Age 3 years old
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Hello! My name is Ajsdela Malo. I am a 3 years old girl and my birthday is on November 18th. I am doing well and in good health. I started to attend the kindergarten on September and enjoy my time there from morning till midday. We play with dolls and our teacher teaches to us poems by heart. She is also telling beautiful stories to us and I am learning new things that I enjoy. I like to get together with my friends every afternoon and spend a few hours to play with them. We play simple games as hide and seek or run to catch each other. We usually play very close to our homes. The winter is almost present and the days are short and are getting cold. For this reason we can’t stay too long outside to enjoy our time playing. I am too young to know what my dreams and desires will be for the future. My favorite color is pink. I like to dress my dolls with pink dresses.

I attend the feeding programme at Kotodesh on Tuesdays and Fridays. There I enjoy the food cooked and served to us and attend the Bible classes. At the end of the Bible lesson, we spend a while playing different games. Once a year, I benefit a free dental care from the dentist offered at the dental clinic of our programme. My mother or my two brothers take me to attend the feeding programe and care for me while I am there.

My family and I live in Kotodesh. I live in a new home containing three rooms. There are six persons in my family. My father’s name is Nderim and mother’s name is Viturije. I have two brothers. My brother’s names are Devian and Erti. Devian is 12 years old and attends the 7th grade at school. Erti, my other brother is 11 years old and attends the 6th grade at school. My grandmother lives in our home and is part of our family. She is retired and receives a small village pension from her previous job in the village. My parents keep a cow and care for it. They profit milk, butter and other products carrying for it. My parents sell the calf every year and this way they increase the income to our family. My father is working in Greece to provide for our living. He is staying to work there for six months every year and during this year he got a job in agriculture. He is not paid well there. My family same as all the other families of the village owns land and during this year my parents have planted corn and a vegetable garden. We use the corn as stock food for the cow. My mother is collecting and preserving the vegetables as tomatoes and peppers that the land has produced. We have also got a few fruit trees and my mother makes compost or jam from fruits too. We try to provide as much food from the land so we by less in the shops but the land doesn’t give much product as we have to do most of the work in it by hand.

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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