Gender Male
Birth Date Feb 12, 2016
Age 3 years old
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Samuel is in good health. He is at present three years old and has just started to attend our feeding programme in Kotodesh. Usually he comes together with his mother. He is one of the first children to come because he is not yet in the kindergarten. He will start to frequent the kindergarten this year on September. Samuel loves to play riding. He likes to ride his motor-bike (a toy) and brings it all around the rooms as well as in front of his home. His favorite color is blue. He likes to wear a shirt or trousers in this color only. Samuel spends most of the day playing. During the afternoons his sister is also carrying for him as he plays.  The name of his sister is Egla. She is eight years old. Egla is also in our programme.

Samuel attends every Tuesday and Friday our feeding programme at Kotodesh. On Tuesdays the cooks are serving to the children pasta, sausages and fruits. On Fridays the cooks serve chicken, rice and fruits. The food is cooked in our base at Pogradec and transported to Kotodesh.  Samuel and his friends enjoy these meals and right after, attend the Bible classes. The teachers are leading their class to a time of singing to the Lord and are teaching to them Bible stories. At the end of each class the children spend a while playing outside our center. Samuel same as all children who attend the feeding programmes will gain a free dental care once a year, offered at our dental clinic in Kotodesh.

There are six persons containing Samuel’s family who live in three rooms in an old home. His grandparents live in this home too and are under the care of this family. Samuel’s father is unemployed and unable to provide all needed in the family. Both grandparents don’t receive a retiring pension. His mother is the only one who is working only for a few hours each day to provide for this family is the nearest town. She has found a job there in a private company which deals with conservation of Olives. The amount she receives is way to less to think it can cover all the expenses for living. The government is also giving a little amount as assistance to the family which they use to cover their immediate needs. They own a portion of land in which they have planted wheat. They grind it to flour and make their own bread at home. Samuel is being raised in one of the poorest families of the village.

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