Camilo Garcia Quino
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My name is Camilo Garcia Quino. I'm a 14-year-old.

My birthday is
October 4, 2009.
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My Story

I greet you lovingly, hoping you are healthy. This is Camilo, and I want to share my last news with you. I hope you find it engaging. My family and I attend the Catholic Church every Thursday. We are sure the Lord is our Savior and appreciate that the LW Evangelism team encouraged us to continue looking for God. One of them spoke with me to collect this information. My father, Teodoro Garcia, is 68 years old. He has diabetes, and because of his condition, he does not work. Nowadays, he is under medical treatment; he feels better, thank God. Hugo is one of my brothers; he works as a day laborer for the neighbors to help our family financially. My mother, Paula Quino, is 48 years old. She is healthy and works in our community as a midwife. We raise pigs and hens that we occasionally sell. Our needs are many, but our priorities are food and school supplies. We grow corn for our consumption. Our family is big, so the corn does not last much time. I will turn fourteen years old in October. However, I will not celebrate it as many people do because of a lack of money.

I am in third grade again. I think that attending school is better to learn more. I want to become a teacher when I am older, so I am doing my best at school. My favorite holiday is New Year’s Day. My family and I spend that lovely time together and eat delicious a delicious lunch to celebrate. I love drinking Incaparina and mosh, which are typical hot beverages. My native language is the Quiche dialect, but I know a little Spanish. I hope to improve and to speak that language fluently. There are many sports, but I like soccer. To end this letter, I want you to know that LW is a crucial project in my community because of the tasty food. See you later!

Kind regards,

Camilo Garcia Quino

Translated by: Hillary Popol / AAC Secretary / Antigua Guatemala