Gender Male
Birth Date Jun 30, 2011
Age 8 years old
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Florjan is in good health. He lives in Urake. This village is located by the national road and the children who live in this area need to do about forty minutes walk to get to our centre. Florjan is attending the second grade at school from morning till midday. Florjan is doing well with the lessons. He does his best to earn good evaluation grades in all the subjects they take from the teacher and his favorite subject is Mathematic. After school, he and his other friends come together to spend their free time. They mainly enjoy playing football every afternoon. During the evenings he likes to spend his time to study and prepare for the next school day. Florjan’s favorite color is green. His future dream is to be a teacher.

Florjan attends every Tuesday and Friday our feeding programme at Kotodesh, after he finishes school for the day. On Tuesdays the cooks are serving to the children pasta, sausages and fruits. On Fridays the cooks serve chicken, rice and a few fruits. The food is cooked in our base at Pogradec and transported to Kotodesh.  Florjan and his friends enjoy these meals and right after, attend the Bible classes. The teachers are leading their class to a time of singing to the Lord and are teaching to them Bible stories. At the end of each class the children spend a while playing outside our centers, usually boys play football. Florjan same as all children who attend the feeding programmes will gain a free dental care once a year, offered at our dental clinic in Kotodesh.

Florjan and his family are living in a small home in Urake. He has his father, mother, two brothers and a sister. Most people of this area own a small portion of land by planting it they try to provide all the food needed. They mainly plant wheat as the ladies bake the bread at home. Most of the families have a vegetable garden and plant beans, potatoes, anions, etc for daily consumption. The families have also the possibility to raise animals or chickens. They also have a few fruits trees on their gardens such as apples or plums. The family can’t support the living through what comes out of their lands therefore the father is also emigrating and working in Greece for a few months each year to help increase the welfare of this family.

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