Gender Female
Birth Date Aug 17, 2005
Age 14 years old
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Adela is in good health. She at present attends the eighth grade at school in Rodokal and is doing well with the lessons. Adela is at school from morning till midday and after finishing it she comes at our feeding programme centre with her friends. Adela attends twice a week the feeding program at our centre in Rodokal. On Mondays she enjoys the warm meal containing pasta and sausages and on Thursdays fried chickens and rice. Usually during the meals she also takes a fruit. After the meal Adela attends the discipleship classes and there she receives the Bible lesson of the day from our teachers. After the lessons, Adela and the other teenagers become part of different activities at the feeding centre under the care of our teachers. A free dental care is offered to her at our dental clinic in Kotodesh. She comes to get her teeth checked and fixed for free by our dentist. During the afternoon, Adela meets with her friends or cousins and spends time to chat with them. They don’t get to stay out for too long due to the low temperatures the winter brings. There is not much to do during the winter, but as they gather, they yet enjoy each other’s company. Adela studies and does her school homework during the evenings. During the day, she is also helping her mother with the cleaning or doing some of the cooking.  

Adela lives in Rodokal in a home that contains three rooms. She has five persons in her family who are her father, mother as well as her brother and sister. Her brother’s name is Alvi. He is twelve years old and attends the sixth grade at school. Her sister’s name is Ajsela. She is six years old and attends the second grade at school. Adela’s father same as during the last few years works in Greece for six to eight months. He does farming work there for the people who hire him. The income he receives there covers most of their living costs but not all of it. The family owns some land in which they plant wheat and make their bread at home. They also own a cow and by carrying for it they gain milk, butter, etc for consumption in the family. Once a year they might sell a calf and profit a bit more of income. During this month, the mother is working in her land, preparing it to be planted latter with vegetables. The mother does the housekeeping as well as she cares for the children especially during the time her husband is working in Greece. The welfare of this family is in mid-average income due to emigration, but life in the village is a challenge to each of them.

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