Marco Antonio Callejas Gomez
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About Me
My name is Marco Antonio Callejas Gomez. I'm a 15-year-old.

My birthday is
October 24, 2005.
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My Story

My name is Marco Antonio Callejas Gomez and I am fifteen years old. I no longer attend school because I did not want to continue with my studies. Now, I am working with my brother and my father. I am collecting firewood for selling to obtain a little money. My father collects firewood for selling and my mother does the household chores. Sometimes, she goes to wash clothes for other people or does other jobs to contribute with the home expenses. The current situation of the Covid-19 affected our economy because my father lost his job and he was working as a mason.

We have seen God´s faithfulness because He has blessed us with life, health and work. We have trust in God in spite of the situation. It was a great blessing for us to receive the grocery bag from the feeding program because we received it in the difficult times. I am very grateful to Living Water for all the support that we have received. May God bless you! Fortunately, we have not been infected by covid-19 virus and we are in good health. At the moment, we do not attend a church but we hope to do it soon. I say goodbye to you for now with much love.

In Jesus name,

Marco Antonio Callejas Gomez

Translated by: Esther Hernández, AAC Secretary/Antigua