Olga Suar Mendez
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My name is Olga Suar Mendez. I'm a 13-year-old.

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March 30, 2010.
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My Story

My name is Olga and I am glad to greet you through this letter. I hope this finds you enjoying many blessings. My family and I attend the Prince of Peace Church once a week. As for health, I want you to know that my mother had an accident in a tuk-tuk about eight months ago. She hurt her arm and because of that, she had to undergo surgery. Nowadays, she is recovering. Her name is Pabla Mendez and she is 50 years old. My father, Sebastian Suar, is 57 years old. He is healthy and works hard as a day laborer and farmer to support our family. Unfortunately, his income is not enough to buy medicine for my mom and groceries, especially corn. The feeding program is a huge help in our community. Thanks to your loving support, the staff has given us delicious food. My family and I raise hens and pigs; we sometimes sell them. Besides that, we harvest corn and beans for our consumption.

I am thirteen years old and my health condition is good. Nowadays, I am in seventh grade. I agree to receive face-to-face classes because I learn so much better. Besides that, I like spending time with my friends at recess. My favorite sport is soccer, so I would love to become a soccer player. I also would like to learn how to speak English. Christmas is the best time for me because I can celebrate it with my family. I love drinking apple juice from Jugos del Frutal (it is a Guatemalan food company). My birthday was in March. What I love the most is having a modest birthday party to celebrate with my friends. To end this update, I want you to know that a teacher of the LW evangelism team spoke with my mother to collect all this information for you. I will leave you for now, but I hope to hear from you soon.

With much love,

Olga Suar Mendez

Translated by: Hillary Popol, AAC Secretary / Antigua Guatemala