Ajsi Laraku
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My name is Ajsi Laraku. I'm a 4-year-old.

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December 31, 2018.
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Hello! My name is Ajsi Laraku. I am 3 years old and my birthday is on December 31st. I am doing well and enjoy good health. I am a very little child and am too shy when I meet persons that I have not seen before. I like to play with toys, even that I have got only a few in my home provided from my parents. I like to go outside and play with my friends and cousins who live near my house. The weather at present is sunny and we play longer in the road. I frequent the kindergarten from morning till midday. I enjoy my time there, learning new things from the stories that the teacher tells us and enjoy playing with the toys that we have at the kindergarten. I have made many new friends at the kindergarten as we play and share the toys between us. During the evenings I like to sit and draw, but I also like to watch cartoons on the TV for a short while.

My family and I live in Katjel. I live with my father and mother and have a brother. My father is jobless same as the majority of the men living in Albania. We have land in the village and my father works in our land, planting crops and vegetables. Here in the village, we also have the possibility to raise animals and benefit from raising them. My father is also challenged to emigrate in Greece or Northern Macedonia and he works there from three to six months each year.  He works in agriculture or in construction in these countries. My mother doesn’t have a job as well and she stays home to do the housekeeping, cleaning, cooking and cares for us.  She is also doing some gardening. At present, she has started to plant the seeds which will be latter replanted in our vegetable garden and she provides for us fresh and bio tomatoes, peppers, onions, beans, etc. Same as each one of the families living in my village, my family faces financial hardships and we are poor. I am happy to benefit help from the sponsorship programme of Adopt a Child.

The Living Water Adopt a Child church in Katjel meets for their weekly service on Saturdays and they have Bible classes for children, teens, men and ladies during the other days of the week. The children after the Bible classes get together to spend a while playing in front of our church there. The men and ladies join in small groups to study the Bible together, using provided materials to help them build their relationship with God, receiving Bible knowledge and praying for each other. Every six weeks, each child who frequents the programme received a package containing food and provided from Adopt a Child. The children come to the centre together with their parents to receive this package. The sponsored children are also receiving once a year a free dental care offered from the sponsorship programme. Thank you for helping and supporting the children in Albania. God bless you richly for the spiritual and physical care that you are providing for them.

Translated by Martin Rucolli

LW/AAC Albania