Cristian Francisco Quixan Ixchop
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My name is Cristian Francisco Quixan Ixchop. I'm a 10-year-old.

My birthday is
November 7, 2012.
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My Story

Hello! I feel so happy to share with you a little about me. I hope everything is going well. I am Cristian Francisco Quixan Ixchop, and I am nine years old. This year, I was in the third grade at school, and I received face-to-face classes every day. The pandemic situation has not affected me in my studies. During the time that the feeding program closed, I missed attending it and the food but fortunately, the program is open again, and I walk about eight minutes to arrive. My father is working as a mechanic every day, and my mother tends her small grocery store that she has at home. We share good time as a family.

On Christmas, we prepare ¨tamales and ponche¨ (typical dish and hot fruit drink). My family and I attend Full Gospel Church, and it is located about twenty minutes from our house. We live in a rented house, and it is made of bricks, tile roof and granite floor. We have three rooms and a kitchen. We have running water and electricity. Our necessities are groceries. Thank God, we are healthy. The pandemic affected us economically because there was not much work, and we could not buy what we needed. It was a great blessing for us to receive groceries parcels from the feeding program. Let me tell you that my mother helped me to give this information. I say goodbye to you for now. May God bless you!

From the bottom of my heart,

Cristian Francisco Quixan Ixchop

Translated by: Esther Hernández, AAC Secretary/Antigua