Kristina Musta
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My name is Kristina Musta. I'm a 11-year-old.

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October 14, 2011.
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Hello! My name is Kristina Musta. I am a 10 years old girl and my birthday is on October 14th. I am doing well and enjoy good health. My favorite color is blue and my favorite game that I enjoy playing is jumping with rope. My future dream is to study and become a doctor. I have completed successfully the third grade at school. The subject that I enjoyed to study the most in my class was English Language. I like to learn this language so that I can be able to speak and communicate with people all over the world. Schools are closed till September and I will be for at least three months off for the summer break. I will spend this time to play with my friends. We play in the mornings because during the midday hours it gets very hot in our town. My family and I like to take a walk during the evenings and I enjoy seeing the park of our town. Walks during the evenings in my town are a tradition for all the people. I spend time to help my mother at home when she cooks or when she cleans our home.

My family and I live in Elbasan, My father’s name is Ilir and my mother’s name is Drita. I have a 13 years old brother whose name is Marsel. He completed the seventh grade at school and is also registered in the sponsorship programme of Adopt a Child. We both frequent the church and benefit help and care from the programme of Elbasan. My father is jobless and my mother works for a season or two. This way they are not able to provide all that we need for the living. Even though, my father tries his best to find a job and at times he works here and there as being hired in construction or doing maintains. The local government gives to my parents a small amount every month that is considered as social assistance but this income is very low and my parents have to use it to pay the bills for electricity and water. We are living in poverty and I am very thankful to the Adopt a Child program for the constant help and care they are giving to my brother and to me. God bless you richly for your generosity.

The schedule of our weekly meetings at our new church and Adopt a Child program in Elbasan is as follows:  On Monday the church has a youth Bible study meeting. On Wednesdays, the church has a prayer meetings and afterwards a Bible study meeting. The church service in Elbasan is at 10:00 AM and in the same time the children take the Bible classes. Since the program started to take place, we are asking the parents to come along with the children and be present. The children have received their first package of food and are constantly frequenting our church meetings being this way feed physically and spiritually with the Word of God.

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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