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Birth Date Apr 25, 2016
Age 4 years old
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My name is Enea Durbaku and I am at present three years old. My birthday is on April 25th. I am doing well and enjoy good health. I live in Katjel and have started just recently to frequent the Adopt a Child feeding programme. I come to the programme together with my grandmother and my older sister. My grandmother cares to take us to the kindergarten each morning and after we finish the kindergarten, she brings both of us to the feeding centre of Katjel to enjoy the meals and attend the Bible classes. In these classes we learn from the Word of God and sing to Him. The teachers of the programme care for us as we spend a few minutes playing or drawing and coloring. I like to color and my favorite colors are blue and green. During this season, the weather is warm and I like to stay longer outside to play with my car-toys or with a ball. My future dream is to be a driver. My older sister Alisja  is at present five years old and attends the preschool kindergarten.

In my family, I have five persons. My father’s name is Vladimir and mother’s name is Aurela and Alisja is my sister’s name. My grandmother lives in our home and is under the care of my parents. She is retired and receives a small village pension which can cover some of her immediate needs. My father is emigrating for three months each year and works in Greece. He got hired to collect peaches from the trees. What he earns is less, but at least a secure income to provide for his family. The mother does the housekeeping, works in their land and cares to feed the cow as well as a sheep they recently got. Same as all families in the village they own land and this year have planted wheat and alfalfa. During this season the mother and grandmother planted the vegetable garden and are able to provide peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc for consumption. They are also collecting some fruits from their trees as apples or plums.  This family is still living under the pressure of poverty and the father can’t fully provide the living costs.

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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