Gender Female
Birth Date Sep 08, 2006
Age 13 years old
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Renata is at present twelve years old. She enjoys good health. Renata is attending the seventh grade at school and is doing well with the lessons. She enjoys learning and studies well but on the other side she needs to do more to improve. Renata spends her second part of the day playing with her friends who live near her home. She enjoys playing volleyball or chatting with them for a while. During the evenings, she likes to spend a while helping her mother with the housekeeping and studies her school books for the next day. Renata attends the feeding programme at Katjel after she gets back from school. On Tuesdays the cooks are serving to the children pasta, sausages and fruits. On Fridays the cooks serve chicken, rice and fruits. The food is cooked in our base at Pogradec and transported to the villages. Renata and her friends enjoy these meals and attend the Bible classes. The teachers are leading the class to a time of singing and are teaching them by using Bible stories. At the end of each Bible lesson the children spend a while playing outside. During this season they have been able to play volleyball as the weather has stayed dry. Renata same as all the children who attend the feeding programmes gains a free dental care once a year, offered at our dental clinic in Kotodesh. There are nine persons containing Renata’s family who live in four rooms in a small village home. Their home is old and doesn’t offer appropriated living conditions to them. She has two sisters who are also attending our program. Their names are Rexhina and Fabjola. Rexhina is sixteen years old and attends the first grade high school in the town close to Katjel. Fabjola is six years old and attends the first grade at school. Renata’s grandparents, her aunt and uncle live in this home and are under the care of this family. Her uncle and aunt are both mentally sick and are receiving invalid pensions. Renata’s mother benefits also an amount caring for them. Both grandparents are as well retired and receive a pension. Renata’s father is working in Greece full time doing construction there and what he earns he brings at home to keep this family financially supported. The family owns a caw and has some products as milk or other for their own consumption. They also own a portion of land in which they plant alfalfa in order to provide the stock for the cow. They also planted wheat as the ladies are able to bake the bread at home. The father has a used car which he uses for his own transportation. The welfare of the family is compared to be good as far as providing their own living expenses. The father is able to cover most of the needed expenses through his hard job in emigration. The team visited the family to receive this information and present the gospel. The mother welcomed the team, but she wasn’t interested to hear the presentation.

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