Vilma Herlinda Benito De La Cruz
Ref# CA1516

About Me
My name is Vilma Herlinda Benito De La Cruz. I'm 9 years old.

My birthday is
June 8, 2011.
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My Story

Hello! Good morning! I send you a cordial greeting. I feel so happy to share with you a little about my family and me. I live with my mother and my siblings. My mother does the household chores and she raises domestic animals for selling. She has some fruits trees and she sells the fruits to have extra money. My father is in the United States.  He has communication with us and he sends us some money for our home expenses. I have two sisters. Thank God, my family and I are in good health. I am in 1st grade at school and I am doing well in my studies. My favorite subject is communication and language. I like to play soccer with my friends in the recess time.

The happiest time for me is Christmas because my father sends us some money and my mother can buy us some clothes.  She prepares ¨tamales and ponche¨ (typical dish and hot fruit drink), and we light firecrackers and my relatives visit us. My desire is to be a good daughter. I like to play tag and hide and seek with my younger sister. My family and I attend Prince of Peace Church, and I like to sing praises and pray. Thank you for supporting me through the feeding program. I say goodbye to you for now with much love. May God bless you!

Hugs and Kisses,

Vilma Herlinda Benito De La Cruz

Translated by: Esther Hernandez/AAC Secretary/Antigua