Veronica Leticia Garcia Chingo
Ref# CA1421

About Me
My name is Veronica Leticia Garcia Chingo. I'm 10 years old.

My birthday is
August 9, 2009.
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My Story

Hello dearest sponsor!  How are you?  I hope that you are well and I send you a cordial greeting and also to your family.  It is a pleasure for me to be able to tell you a little about my family.  I hope that it will be for you also.  I live with my parents and my siblings in my grandparents’ house (my mother’s parents).  We do not have our own house and my grandparents have been so good to let us live with them.  My mother’s name is Maria and she is a housewife.  She also has cows, sheep, hens and a pig that she sells when they are grown.  My father’s name is Venancio and he is a farmer. 

He grows green tomatoes and peas.  He dedicates all his time to farming, and also my mother helps him when needed.  Later, he sells the crops in order to cover the household expenses.  I have one sister and two brothers.  My brothers are Martin and Samuel.  My sister is Petrona and my grandparents are Petrona and Vicente.  They share the expenses. Thanks to God, all of my family is in good health.  This year I am in the 3rd grade and I am not repeating my grade.  I like to go to the classes and I learned many things.  My favorite subject is mathematics.  My favorite moments together with my family are when they celebrate my birthday.  My mother prepared tamales and we had a day of thanksgiving for me. 

Everyone congratulated me, and the thing that I liked the most is that my aunt and uncle gave me a typical outfit.  My goal for this year is to finish my grade and successfully continue on to 4th grade.  For my future, I would like to be able to pursue a career to be a professional person.  One thing that I like to do is to spend time with my grandmother.  She thinks of me as a daughter.  I always go with her wherever she goes, and I love to be with her.  I like to play in the trees with my friends at school.  My family and I attend a Catholic church.  My father is part of the musical group.  Thank you very much for all that you have given me through the feeding program.  It is a great blessing for me.  Take care of yourself and I hope to see you soon.

Blessings and much love,

Veronica Leticia Garcia Chingo

Translated by: Edwina Lyons/AAC Missionary