Sara Shuli
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My name is Sara Shuli. I'm a 13-year-old.

My birthday is
December 26, 2009.
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Hello! My name is Sara Shuli. I am 12 years old and my birthday is on December 26th. I am doing well and in good health. My favorite color is red and my future dream is to be a pharmacist and work in a lab where they produce medicine. I go to the sixth grade at school and enjoy learning. My favorite subject at school is Albanian and Literature. We have at school a sport area and there we play volleyball. I like to play volleyball with my friends and at times after school we stay to play for a bit longer. When I return home, I like to help my mother when she does the cleaning and during the time she fixes our dining table or washes dishes. I like to help her with the shopping as well. When she goes to the market I go along with her so that we can carry the shopping bags together.

My family and I live in Pogradec. This town is small and during the evenings, the people like to take walks by the lake. These walks are traditional for our town. During the summer, we have many tourists who visit our town as well as people from other towns. I live with my mother and step father. My mother got divorced when I was only two years old and my father is not bringing to me support at all. My father works in a car wash and with the income he gets from his job he provides for our living needs. My mother doesn’t have a job. She stays at home and does for us the cooking, cleans our house and washes our clothes. We live with very low income and face financial hardships and I am happy that I am benefiting help and care from the sponsorship programme of Adopt a Child. God bless you for your support to me.

The Living Water Adopt a Child in Pogradec meets for their weekly services on Saturdays. The staff of teachers and co-workers is doing Bible studies in small groups for men, ladies as well as children. The believers of the church gather to pray in another dedicated meeting on Tuesdays. The children who are registered in the sponsorship programme receive every six weeks a package of food provided from Adopt a Child and every year, the children with sponsors receive a free dental care offered from them. During the summer, the church will organize this year many activities as feasts and summer camps for the children and teens. We are grateful to you for making our service to the children possible through your support. God bless you in abundance.

Translated by Martin Rucolli

LW/AAC Albania