Marcela Chan Mazariegos
Ref# WJT0015

About Me
My name is Marcela Chan Mazariegos. I'm a 75-year-old.

My birthday is
October 29, 1945.
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My Story

Hello! My name is Marcela Chan Mazariegos and I am a widow. I am 76 years old and was born on October 29, 1945. I have three children; one is a woman, and the other two are men. They are all now adults and live on their own. Two of my children unfortunately abandoned me, but one of my sons named José Chavez supports me with the rent cost. The rent is Q300. The cost of the rent includes electricity and water. Currently, I live on my own in a small house with only one room. The walls and roof are made of tin sheet, and my floor is made of dirt. The room also includes my kitchen, which has a gas stove. I do my best to conserve how much gas I use since my son works a temporary construction job and needs to provide for his family as well.  I do not have a job nor any income because of my age. Additionally, I have some blood pressure issues and I do not have the resources to seek medical attention. I am thankful for God’s faithfulness since there has never been a day where I did not have food. God has used different people to give me food and sometimes buy me groceries. I attend Restauracion y Vida church. Also, I walk about 10 minutes to my feeding program. I trust God will continue to provide and help me in all moments.

Marcela Chan Mazariegos

Translated by: Kalyan Marroquin / Missionary Intern