Gresiano Hoxholli
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My name is Gresiano Hoxholli. I'm a 4-year-old.

My birthday is
October 17, 2016.
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Hello! My name is Gresiano Hoxholli. I am a 4 years old boy and my birthday is on October 17th. I am doing well and enjoy good health. My favorite color is red and my favorite game is to play football. When I grow up, I like to join a football team and be a good player. I attend the kindergarten from morning till midday. I enjoy my time with my friends at the kindergarten playing with the toys we have as well as learning new things from our teacher. She tells to us beautiful stories from which we learn our lessons and we also learn new poems by heart or songs with moves. My parents take me from the kindergarten at lunch time and right after I take my lunch, I get outside to play with my friends and cousins who live near my home. At present, we don’t stay for quite a long while to play outside because it is winter and the temperatures are very low. We had snow recently and I enjoyed playing with snow balls together with my friends. During the time I stay inside our home, I like to draw or color as well as watch cartoons on the TV.  My family and I live in the village of Katjel. In my family I have my father, Eri, mother, Eriselda and a two years old brother. My father works in the chrome mine from time to time to provide for us. My mother cares for both of us who are young children and doesn’t do much besides the housekeeping and the gardening. Same as all the families who live in my village, we are poor and face hardships of any kind. The majority of the people in my village own lands and deals with agriculture to provide as much food for consumption as possible so that they don’t have to buy it on the shops. Almost in every family the households raise a cow or goats because they are also beneficial to gain milk, butter and cheese. The people plant in their land wheat, corn, alfalfa as well as vegetables. Close to every home the ladies work in the vegetable garden planting tomatoes, peppers, onions, etc. All the stock food that the animals need for living, especially during the winter gets provided by planting in the land corn or alfalfa. Around the lands, homes and gardens there are also a few fruit trees and vines planted. Mainly they have apples, pears and plums. The village of Katjel has a chrome mine that has already been closed but many men still go there to collect mineral individually and sell it to the interested persons who come to load it with trucks. This type of job is dangerous but optional to gain a bit of profit.  About our activities in the programme of Katjel: Living Water Adopt a Child church in Katjel is progressing daily. Our church there has three meetings during the week. On Wednesdays we have prayer meetings, on Fridays Bible study meetings for the youth and every Saturday they gather for the church service. The disciples of the church are following the International School of Theology and Leadership (ISTL) that is being accessed online for five days every month during the evenings. All the children who are part of the sponsorship programme receive every month a package that contains groceries. Because of the pandemic rules they get this package once a month at our centre in small groups together with one of their family members. We are thankful to you from our hearts for all your care and support you are giving to the children of the village of Katjel. God bless you in abundance.

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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