Dejvi Muco
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My name is Dejvi Muco. I'm a 5-year-old.

My birthday is
January 31, 2018.
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Upper Mokra

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Hello! My name is Dejvi Muco. I am 4 years old and my birthday is on January 31st.I am doing well and enjoy good health. My favorite color is red. I frequent the kindergarten from morning till midday. The kindergarten is closed for the summer break till September so I am at present staying at home. I get together to play outside with my friends every morning or during the evenings, before it gets dark. The summers are very hot in my country and during the day hours we all stay inside the house. When I am inside, I like to draw and color and watch cartoons. I have also got a few toys to play with and spend time playing with toys. I get excited every time that my father takes me with him when he drives to the town. I spend time not only to see the town, but I can play in the park and swim for a few hours. My father is busy so we go to the town very rarely.

My family and I live in Trebinja, upper Mokra. Our house offers appropriated living conditions to us. I have five members who contain my family. They are my mother, father and my two brothers. One of my brothers is seven years old and the other one is fourteen years old. They are both registered in the sponsorship programme of Adopt a Child. My brother who is fourteen years old completed first grade high school. My father owns a bar in the village and this way he is employed. He doesn’t have a big income out of working in the bar, but at least, he manages to provide well all that we need for the living. My older brother helps my father when he returns from school. He serves as waiter. My mother is also going to the bar after it closes so that she can do the whole cleaning for the day. My mother does all the housekeeping too, washes, cleans and cooks our meals, so she gets busy during the whole day. My father has a car of his own that he is using to travel to the town to get staff he needs for his bar and also shop things for our family as groceries or other staff that we need for consumption. My parents are not dealing with agriculture because they are busy working in the bar and on the other side, agriculture is not much beneficial to deal with. Even though, my mother has planted a small vegetable garden in front of our house and we have also got fruit trees. My mother will do the canning of vegetables and fruits that we don’t consume fresh and we consume them during the long season of winter. The welfare of my family is not poor because my father is employed and provides constantly, but yet, we are in need of many things and are financially challenged.  

The Living Water Adopt a Child team goes to Trebinja, upper Mora, every two weeks. They visit houses and take the update information of the children who are registered in the programme and in the same time, share the Word with the family members being visited. The children who are registered in the program receive every six weeks a food package The food package contains flour, rice, oil, sugar, pasta, etc.  Thank you for choosing to help a child who lives in Upper Mokra. God bless you!

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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