Nikolas Perrenjasi
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My name is Nikolas Perrenjasi. I'm a 11-year-old.

My birthday is
February 8, 2009.
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My Story

Hello! My name is Nikolas Prrenjasi. I am an 11 years old boy and my birthday is on February 8th.  I am doing well and enjoy good health. My favorite color is blue and my future dream is to be a doctor . I attend the 4th grade at school and try my best to study well and earn good evaluation grades in the subjects we take from our teachers there. My favorite subject at school is Math. Because of the Pandemic, we are wearing masks and respect the distancing while we attend school. After school, I like to get together with my friends and same as most of the boys we gather to play football. At times we also decide to have short walks and speak between us.  I offer myself to help my parents when they need me to do something at home like buying things in our nearest shop, bringing in the fire wood, etc. My family and I live in Pogradec. My mother’s name is Elsa,. She and my father had a divorce and she remarried. My stepfather’s name is Teodoraq. I have two stepsisters whose names are Megi and Pamela. They are both registered in the programme. Megi is 5 years old and Pamela is 7 years old. My step uncle, used to serve as a pastor at Living Water International in the villages of Pogradec and my stepfather as well as a few others from my family have heard the gospel. My stepfather, Teodoraq is partly ill mentally and he can’t manage himself well. He is not aggressive, but he takes his own way at times spending the money he has in his hands and without my mother managing the situation, we would suffer more to have food in our tables. My mother takes good care of my stepfather. At times he chooses to consume alcohol. My stepfather receives from the government a beneficial pension being ill and this pension is being used from my mother to cover our living costs. Teodoraq’s mother, my grandmother is living in the same house with us and she is also same as my stepfather, mentally ill and unable to care for herself. This way, my mother has to care for her too and cover her living needs. My grandmother receives a beneficial pension as well. My father can’t work due to his disabilities and the pensions we receive are way too small to cover the expenses we need for the living. We are thankful to the sponsorship program for their care they will start to show on us, as we will attend the activities of the church in Pogradec.

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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