Ilmie Hoxha
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My name is Ilmie Hoxha. I'm 81 years old.

My birthday is
August 7, 1939.
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My Story

Hello! My name is Ilmije Hoxha. I am 81 years old and my birthday is on August 7th. Speaking about my heath, because I am an old lady I have to coup with problems with my blood pressure and heart. Another health issue that I face is that I have problems breathing caused by a chronic cold differently called bronchitis. The doctors have given to me tablets that I use for my lungs and help my breathing. My husband passed away before 4 years. Life was easier when he was present and since he died, everything changed and I am now left with less income and totally under the care and the support of my son’s family. My son is married and has children. Our family contains 8 persons and we all live in an old house that doesn’t offer appropriated living conditions. On spring my son and his wife plated the vegetable garden and we provided for consumption beans, tomatoes, peppers, anions, etc. Around our land and garden we have also got a few fruit trees and we have started to gather the apples, pears and plums to make jam or composts. We preserve them in jars so that we can consume them during the winter. My son and his wife don’t plant a lot in our land. Compared to other families in the village we are the poorest because we are quite a big family and the land gives very less products. My son has decided to keep no animals because it takes lots effort to care for them and during the winter they need a lot of food provision. My son is most of the time jobless. At rare times he is hired to work in the lands of the others here in the village. He gets a very small income. I receive a small pension from my previous job in agriculture and give this amount to him so that he can buy a bit more food for our family. Same as all the widows and the people of the village of Kotodesh, I face hardships financially and am very thankful to the Adopt a Child sponsorship program and to the church in Kotodesh for their help. I have received every month a food beg containing groceries as oil, flour, rice, sugar, pasta, washing detergents, etc. I am thankful to you for your support and care. God bless you!

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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