Fjoralba Laraku
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My name is Fjoralba Laraku. I'm 3 years old.

My birthday is
July 24, 2017.
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Hello! My name is Fjoralba Laraku. I am a 3 years old girl and my birthday is on July 24th.  I have problems walking. The problem stands on the joins of my legs. In order to fix this problem, my parents brought me to a clinic in Tirana and the doctors there did an operation to fix one of my legs. I will go again to do next operation on my other one in a few months time. After the first operation my walking improved. The kindergarten will start on September and I like to go there and meet with my friends so I can learn new things from our teacher. She tells us stories and teaches to us how to be good people who like to learn new things.

My family and I live in Katjel. Our house contains two bedrooms and a living room that includes our kitchen. Our house is a bit old and doesn’t offer appropriated living conditions to us. I have five persons in my family. My father’s name is Avni and my mother’s name is Vebije. I have two sisters. They are Fjolda, 7 years old and Flavja, 11 years old. They will both start school on September. My parents are classified as invalids and receive a beneficial invalid pension due to their limited abilities to work. My father can’t walk properly and my mother can’t see well. Their monthly invalid income is the only income we have available to use for our living. They are not able to do much work in the lands we own and of course they can’t care to raise animals.  Same as all families who live in the village, we own land and during this year my mother has also planted the vegetable garden. We have fresh beans, anions, tomatoes, peppers and other vegetables to consume, even that not enough. Around our land we have a few fruits trees. We collect these fruits and my mother makes jam or composts. Both my sisters and I are frequenting the Bible study meetings and the church services of the church of Katjel. We have received begs containing groceries that have been a great help to us all as family. God bless you for all your care to us.

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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