Sonila Llapushi
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My name is Sonila Llapushi. I'm 13 years old.

My birthday is
November 25, 2006.
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Hello! My name is Sonila Llapushi. I am a 13 years old girl and my birthday is on November 25th. I am enjoying good health. My future dream is to study and be a doctor. My favorite game to play is volleyball and the color I prefer the most is pink. I completed the 7th grade at school. During the Pandemic time, our teachers gave to us the lessons online and we replied to them using the Mobile phone of our family. We had a class group where we communicated and sent our homework. I received good grades in the closing of the school year. My favorite school subject is Language. I spend the afternoon hours at home helping in my family. I can cook and also clean our home.

My father’s name is Ismet and my mother’s name is Dianete. I have I have two brothers and a sister. My sister’s name is Manjola. She is 18 years. My brothers are Armand and Emanuel. Armand is 19 years old. He completed the high school. Emanuel is six years old. He is attending the first grade at school and is also part of the program in Proptisht.

I live in Proptisht. My village offers a beautiful view and is surrounded from many hills. A river is also running alongside our village. My parents cover our living needs by working in the lands and raising animals. The lands are in the hills and not as much productive. All the work on the lands is done by hand because machineries can’t reach them. Even though, a heavy tractor might reach in a few places. Usually, my parents and my older brother plant crops as wheat or corn. The harvest time is on July when all the people in the village are busy collecting their wheat and grinding it to flour. We have a vegetable garden close to our home and my mother and older sister plant tomatoes, peppers, beans, anions etc. We also have fruit trees as apples, plums, walnuts, etc. Working in the lands, my parents are not able to fully cover the expenses needed for the living therefore my older brother as well as my father are both emigrating and working in Greece for a season in agriculture. Their pay there is a better income and means a lot to a family like ours living in the village.

I believe in Jesus and attend regularly the church services of Proptshit twice a week. I attend the Bible classes where we learn from the Word of God. My younger brother is also attending. Once every month we are blessed from our church with a food package and I am very thankful to those who provide food us as family. 

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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