Maynor Elias Lopez Garcia
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My name is Maynor Elias Lopez Garcia. I'm a 10-year-old.

My birthday is
January 28, 2013.
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My Story

My name is Maynor Elias, and I am so excited to tell you my last news through this letter. I hope you are doing well. I attend an Evangelical Church called Prince of Peace twice a week with my family. The Lord is my savior, and I know it because a collaborator of LW shared the gospel with my mother and me while he collected this information for you. This project has been a blessing for us because I receive medical care and gifts for Christmastime at the feeding program. My father is Agustin Lopez, and he is 29 years old. He still works in the United States and sends us money to support our expenses. He makes a living by growing onions. My mother is Maria Garcia, and she is 27 years old. She keeps busy doing the chores, raising our hens, and cultivating corn, beans, peaches, bananas, and avocadoes for our consumption. I want to take advantage of this moment to ask for your prayers for my mother. She suffers from body pains, and it is difficult for her to walk because of arthritis. Fortunately, she is under medical treatment. I hope she recovers from this soon. The rest of my family and I are in good health. 

I am in fourth grade, and I enjoy attending school because I have fun with my friends besides learning my lessons. We are a humble family, and our priorities are food supplies, clothes, and blankets. In addition, it is a little hard for my parents to support my school expenses. However, I want to continue studying to become a musician when I am older. What I would like to do is play drums. The season that I enjoy the most is summer. I take advantage of this time to hang out and play with my friends. I also like celebrating the Independence Day of my country. Many schools, including mine, organize engaging activities, so I love this day. There are delicious hot beverages, but I prefer a warm cup of oatmeal. I turned ten years in January. I would like to have a tasty cake to celebrate with my family for my next birthday. I enjoy doing many things in my free time, but riding my bike is the best. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my letter. I hope to hear from you the next time.

In the name of Jesus,

Maynor Elias Lopez Garcia

Translated by: Hillary Popol, AAC Secretary / Antigua Guatemala