Gender Male
Birth Date Mar 25, 2000
Age 19 years old
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Kleos is doing well and is in good health. He is a matured young man, eighteen years old at present and is studying in a professional school in the town of Perrenjas. He is studying to be an electrician and will graduate this year. This year is important to him to study therefore he hasn’t been doing much besides studies and hasn’t as usually helped the family by carrying to feed the cow. He is working mostly during the summer in the lands or carrying for the cow. Kleos attends our feeding program in Katjel every Tuesday and Friday. He enjoys the combined meals cooked and served to the participating children. Our menu is sausages, pasta, cooked rice and fried chickens. During the meal they also enjoy a fruit. Kleos is attending the discipleship classes for the children same age with him. He has recently started to attend the youth meetings of the church in Katjel every Thursday. Once a year he has the possibility to get his teeth fixed for free by the dentist at our dental clinic.  

The family of Kleos of five persons lives in three rooms. Their home offers not appropriated living conditions. His grandmother is also part of this family. She is retired and receives a small village pension. Her pension is a bit financial help to this family. The father of Kleos is emigrating in Greece and there he works collecting olives from the trees. He is trying his best to provid from there all needed for his family. During the time he is away, the mother or Kleos works in the fields as well as care for all else in their home. Same as all families in the village, they own a portion of land. They planted corn as this product is used to have the stock food for the cow provided. Keeping a cow the family has at least milk, butter, cheese for daily consumption. The mother and grandmother have preserved vegetables to be used during the winter. Usually they preserve tomatoes, peppers, etc. The father can’t provide all the living costs for the family and this way they are still living in poverty.  The team visited this family to receive this update information and present the gospel. They spoke with the grandmother and shared to her about God’s love, reading to her a few Bible verses.

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