Juan Rafael

Gender Male
Birth Date May 04, 2006
Age 13 years old
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Hello! I send you many greetings. I imagine that you are good people. I want to greet you through this letter. I send you many greetings. I want to share with you a little about my family and me. I live with my parents and my siblings. We are three children in my family. Fortunately, my father continues working as a blacksmith. My mother works by picking coffee beans. Thank God, my family is in good health. I attend school with my siblings and I am in the 4th grade. At the moment, I have not repeated any grade. I am 13 years old and I am still too young to study a professional career. My favorite subject is art expression because I like to draw.

I do not work.  I only dedicate my time to my studies. I want to find a job when I finish school. The saddest moment for us was when my father suffered an accident but thank God he is well. He recovered and we felt so happy. I spend good times with my family and we have gone to visit ¨Los Aposentos¨ (it is a recreation park with pools). My desire is to have a gallery of paintings because I really like to draw and color. I like to play videogames with my siblings and my friends. I attend Catholic Church and I like to pray. I hope you are receiving many blessings. I ask for your prayers for my family. I say goodbye to you for now. May God bless you!

In Jesus name,

Juan Rafael Zuleta Cruz

Translated by: Esther Hernandez/AAC Secretary/Antigua

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